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Starting to do the English Test (Reading Comprehension)
Memulai dengan benar.
Jangan Menterjemahkan !
Reading berbeda dengan Translation. Ini harus difahami betul, ketika menghadapi soal berbentuk Reading Comprehension, yakinkan dulu bahwa anda sudah mengenal berbagai macam (GENRE) Reading Comprehension, diantaranya:
1. Narrative
2. News item
3. Recount
4. Description
5. Report
6. Explanation
7. Exposition
8. Discussion
9. Review
Bagaimana langkah-langkah jitu memahami soal-soal Reading Comprehension?
· Pastikan, anda faham jenis tenses yang digunakan. Ingat, bahwa tidak seluruh tenses digunakan dalam Reading Comprehension. Minimal anda harus faham dua tenses yang sering digunakan dalam Reading Comprehension, yakni Simple Present Tense dan Simple Past Tense.
· Pastikan, anda telah menemukan jenis tenses yang digunakan.
1. Bila teks di dalam Reading Comprehension menggunakan bentuk Simple Past Tense, artinya
anda diarahkan untuk memilih: Narrative, Recount atau News item.

2. Bila teks di dalam Reading Comprehension menggunakan bentuk Simple Present Tense,
berarti anda diarahkan untuk mrmilih; Description, Report atau Explanation
· Setelah anda faham macam-macam (GENRE)-nya maka anda harus mencari tahu fungsi masing-masing teks:
Narrative - to amuse entertain/ to tell past event
News item - to inform
Recount - to retell
Description - to describe
Report - to describe (the way things are)
Explanation - to explain
Discussion - to present (at least) two point of view
Exposition - to persuade
Review - to criticize
· Point-point di atas adalah mengenali teks dari sisi kulitnya, lalu bagaimana memahami teks dari sisi isinya ? Perhatikan dengan seksama jenis-jenis teks di bawah ini !
Contoh-contoh teks Narrative:
Maura, who liked to be thought of as the most beautiful and powerful queen of Arabia, had many suitors.
One by one she discarded them, until her list was reduced to just three sheiks, all equally young and handsome, rich and strong. It is very hard to decide who would be the best of them.
One evening, Maura disguised herself and went to the camp of the three sheiks, as they were about to have a dinner, and asked them for something to eat.
The first gave her some left-over food, the second gave her some unappetizing camel’s tail, the third sheik, who was called Hakim, offered her some of the most tender and tasty meat. After dinner, the disguised queen left the three sheiks’ camp.
The following day the queen invited the three sheiks to dinner at her palace. She ordered the servant to give each one exactly what they had given her the evening before.
Hakim, who received a plate of delicious meat, refused to eat it if the other two could not share it with him, and this act finally convinced Queen Maura that he was the man for her. “Without question, Hakim is the most generous of you”, she announced her choice to the sheiks. “So it is Hakim I will marry.”
(Sumber: UNAS 2008)
1. The three sheiks were not …
A. rich B. young C. strong D. gloomy E. handsome
2. Which statement is true about the queen?
A. The queen was the most powerful queen in Africa
B. The queen was very proud of her beauty and riches.
C. The queen herself served the sheiks with delicious food.
D. The queen was very careful in deciding whom she would marry.
E. The queen was very satisfied with the food given by the sheiks.
3. The queen ordered her servants to give the sheiks the same kind of food she got from them the evening before because …
A. She wanted to entertain her guest
B. She wanted to test the sheiks’ taste
C. She wanted to see the sheiks’ reaction
D. She wanted to make a joke of the sheiks
E. She wanted to repay the sheiks’ kindness
4. The main idea of paragraph six is …
A. Hakim was unselfish person
B. Hakim was served with succulent meat
C. Hakim was satisfied with the food served
D. Hakim wanted to share the food with the sheiks
E. Hakim had made the queen find the resolution of her problem
A fox fell into a well and couldn’t get out. By and by a thirsty goat came along. Seeing the fox in the well it asked if the water was good. “Good”, said the fox “It’s the best water I’ve tasted in all my life. Come down and try it your self”.
The goat was thirsty so he got into the well. When he had drunk enough, he looked round but there was no way to get out. Then the fox said, “I have a good idea”. You stand on your hind legs and put your forelegs against the side of the well. Then I’ll climb on your back, from there. I’ll step on your horns, and I can get out. And when I’m out, I’ll help you out of the well.
The goat did as he asked and the fox got on his back and climbed out of the well. Then he coolly walked away. The goat called out loudly after him and reminded him of his promise to help him out. The fox merely turned to him and said: “If you only had thought carefully about getting out, you wouldn’t have jumped into the well”.
The goat felt very said. He called out loudly. An old man walking nearby heard him and put a plank into the well. The goat got out and thanked the old man. (Sumber: UNAS 2007)
5. The text tells the story of …
A. a fox B. a goat C. a fox and a goat D. an old man and the fox E. the goat and old man
6. Paragraph 2 mainly tells …
A. how the fox helped the goat
B. why the fox got into the well
C. how the fox got out of the well
D. the fox’s idea how to get out of the well
E. how both the goat and the fox got out of the well
7. “The goat did as he was asked …” (Paragraph 3) What does the above sentence mean?
A. The goat drank enough and looked round
B. The goat came down to the well and drank
C. The goat called out loudly after the fox got out
D. The goat waited someone who might help him
E. The goat stood on his hind legs and put his forelegs against the side of the well.
Contoh-contoh teks News item:
Philippines: At least nine people were killed and dozens were injured when the Philippines security forces clashed with dozens of slum dwellers who resisted the tearing down of their homes in the northern province, a police commander said Tuesday.
Raul Gonzales the police chief in the northern Cordillera, said, that the soldiers and the police officers traded gunfire with dozens of people who are illegally occupying the private land in Kalinga province.
“Our tem was ambushed on their way to the community to be demolished,” said Gonzales. He added that the security only defended themselves after the residents dug fox-holes and opened fire with automatic rifles.
“Nine people were killed and dozens were wounded, including 10 police officers during almost 10 hours of fighting. We even had to evacuate some our officers who needed surgery to get the bullets from their bodies,”-Reuters.
(Sumber: UNAS 2008)
8. What is the passage about?
A. an illegal gunfire
B. a demolition of illegal slum dwellers
C. a fight between the security forces and the slum
D. a clash between the security forces and the slum dwellers
E. a clash between the police officers and the security
9. The clash happened because …
A. illegal slum dwellers resisted the demolition of their homes
B. the police officers and the soldiers shot the dwellers
C. nine people were killed by the security forces
D. the police officers firing the dwellers
E. the people dwelled on private land
10. Raul Gonzales said that …
A. ten police officers had to be evacuated
B. ten police officers were killed in the fighting
C. ten police officers were injured during the fighting
D. some of wounded people needed surgery
E. more than ten police officers were killed and injured in the fighting.
Seven people were killed in a collision between a bus, a car, and a truck on jalan Sultan at 10:35 p.m. last night. The dead were all passengers of the car. The police believed the car had been trying to overtake the bus when it was struck by a truck coming from the opposite direction. The driver said he did not see the car approaching.
The police said the car should not have tried to pass the bus, since overtaking is not allowed on Jalan Sultan. In addition, the police reported that the car, a small Japanese car, should not have been carrying more than five people. If the passengers had brought their identity cards, the police would have identified the names of the victims easily. (Sumber: UNAS 2007)
11. The text mainly reports that there was/were…
A. a car accident B. careless drivers C. a small Japanese car
D. victims of an accident E. the function of an identity card
12. What was the cause of the collision?
A. The truck came from the opposite direction
B. The car carried more than five people.
C. The truck driver didn’t use his light
D. The truck driver didn’t see the car
E. The car tried to overtake the bus
13. “If the passengers had brought their identity cards, the police would have been easy to identify the names of the victims”. (last sentence)
The sentence above means …
A. the victims’ names were not known
B. the victims were easy to be identified
C. the passengers brought their identity cards
D. the police had no difficulty in identifying the victims
E. it was easy for the police to identify the victims of the accident
14. Who said that the accident was caused by the car?
A. The police B. The victims C. The reporter
D. The truck driver E. The bus passengers
Contoh teks Recount:
I usually woke up at 8 a.m. and went to the press center to check the daily schedule of briefings and press conferences, usually held by the United Nations officials or disaster mitigation team chief, Alwi Shihab.
It was challenging to visits different refugee camps to find soft stories, human interest stories. Then, I went back to the press center in between to cover the press conferences of the day.
It was heart breaking when I saw these survivors fight for food and secondhand clothing, which they said were limited and inadequate. Emerging to a glaring, full noon, it was time to go back to the press center to write stories and race against time, always fearing that internet connection would come crashing down.
And after everything was done, only then I remembered to eat. Most times, I enjoy ate once a day because you always had to rush and it was difficult to find food. You had to travel quite far, about a 30-to 45-minute trip by car to find fresh food. (Sumber: UNAS 2009)
15. How often did the writer eat a day?
A. Three times B. Seldom C. Twice
D. Never E. Once
16. “…mitigation team chief Alwi Shihab.” (Paragraph 1)
The synonym of the underlined word is …
A. decreaser B. lightener C. reliever
D. developer E. writer
17. What is the writer’s occupation?
A. A social worker B. A volunteer C. A journalist
D. presenter E. A TV reporter
Contoh teks Description:
Paris is the capital of a European nation, France. It is also one of the most beautiful and most famous cities in the world.
Paris is called the city of Light. It is also an international fashion center. What stylish women are wearing in Paris will be worn by women all over the world. Paris is also famous for its world center of education. For instance, it is the headquarters of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
The Seine River divides the city into two parts. Thirty-two bridges cross this scenic river. The oldest and perhaps the most well-known is Pon Neuf, which was built in the sixteenth century. Sorbonne, a famous university, is located on the left bank (south side) of the river. The beautiful white church Sacre Coeur lies on the top of hill called Montmartre on the right bank (north side) of the Seine.
There are many other famous places in Paris, such as the famous museum the Louvre as well the cathedral of Notre Dame. However, the most famous landmark in this city must be the Eiffel Tower.
Paris is named after a group of people called the Parisii. They built a small village on an island in the middle of the Seine River about two thousand years ago. This island is called lie de la Cite. It is where Notre Dame located. Today around eight million people live in Paris area. (Sumber: UNAS 2007)
18. The fifth paragraph tells …
A. about the Paris
B. the origin of the word Paris
C. thee location of Notre Dame
D. a village built a thousand years ago
E. an island in the middle of the Seine River
19. What is the oldest and most well known part of the city?
A. The Seine River B. The Pont Neuf C. The Sorbonne
D. The right bank E. The left bank
20. From the text we know that Notre Dame is located…
A. on the left bank
B. near left Louvre
C. on the right bank
D. outside the city of Paris
E. in the middle of the Seine River
Contoh teks Report:
Every time they see illegal logging in their area, the women and children cry out, “Where can we settle and make a living if our forests were gone?”
They are the forest people, members of the Local Anak Dalam tribe, in Mangkekal (makekal), Bukit Duabelas national Park, Jambi province. They have tried very hard to protect the forest zone from illegal logging operations. “Adult as well as children are fighting for the conservation of this forest,” said tribal chief Tumenggung (Regent) meriak.
The national park zone is about 60,000 hectares. It is home for about 1,500 Anak Dalam. The tribesman live in Mangkekal, Kedasung, Air hitam, and Terap. (Sumber: UNAS 2009)
21. The text mainly tells us about…
A. forest people B. National Park C. forest conservation
D. illegal logging E. illegal operation
22. Who were fighting for the conservation of forest?
A. Members of local Anak Dalam
B. Tribal chief and his partner.
C. Women and children
D. Adult and children.
E. Tribesmen
23. The purpose of the text is…
A. to describe the Bukit Dua Belas National Park
B. to persuade readers about National Park Zone
C. to tell the readers what had happened in the forest
D. to entertain readers with a story about Anak Dalam
E. to inform readers about illegal logging
24. The tribesmen who are not included in the protest are from…
A. Terap B. Jambi C. Air hitam
D. Kedasung E. Mangkekal
Contoh teks Explanation:
The sense of taste is one a person’s five senses. We taste with the help of taste-buds in the tongue.
There are four main kinds of taste: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. All other tastes are just mixtures of two or more of these main types.
The surface of the tongue has more than fifteen thousand taste-buds (or cells). These are connected to the brain by special nerves which send the so-called “tastes messages.”
When the toggle comes into contact with food of any kind, the taste-buds will pick up the taste. The nerves then send messages to the brain. This will make us aware of the taste. All this happens in just a few second.
There are four kinds of taste buds, each of which is sensitive to only a particular taste. These four groups are located in deferent pies of the tongue.
The taste-buds for salty and sweet tastes are found round the tip of the tongue and along its sides. Sour tastes can be pick up only at the sides of the tongue. The taste-buds for bitter taste are found at the imiermost edge of the tongue. There are taste-buds at the center of the tongue.
The senses of smell and sight can affect taste. The good smell of food increases its taste. Similarly: attractive colours can make food appear tastier and more delicious. If food does not smell good or is dull-coloured, it will look tasty and may not taste good at all.
Very hot or cold sensations can make taste buds insensitive. Food that is too hot or too cold, when placed in the mouth, will have no tastes at all. (Sumber: UNAS 2006)
25. We can taste any kind of food because of…
A. the good smell of food
B. the four main kinds of taste
C. the taste-buds in the tongue
D. the senses of smell and sight
E. the taste-buds round the tip of the tongue
26. When we eat very hot or cold food, …
A. the food will lose its taste
B. the food won’t smell good
C. the taste of the food increases
D. the taste-buds will be sensitive
E. the taste-buds will be very responsible
27. The senses of smell and sight…
A. increase the taste of the food
B. affect the taste of the food
C. make food more delicious
D. make the food look good
E. make food attractive
28. The purpose of the text is …
A. to explain how we can taste any food in the mouth
B. to give a report about the sense of taste
C. to inform how important the tongue is
D. to describe the use of the tongue
E. to tell the tastes of the food
Contoh teks Exposition:
To improve comfort and cleanliness at our school, a number of dust bins should be increased.
When we look at classrooms, school corridors and school yard, there papers, mineral water cups, straws, and napkins here and there. The condition of uncleanliness and discomfort really binders learning and teaching environment. Litters thrown carelessly cause disease, especially empty plastic cups or glasses. They can be placed for dengue mosquitoes 10 speed out. Besides, these rubbish can deteriorate the scene. Well painted wall and green school yard do not means anything if litters are scatter red everywhere.
Anyway I notice that most of the students in our School have responsibilities for the school environment. They put their litters on the proper places. But some are not diligent enough to find the dust bins. The numbers of dust bins in our school are not enough. More dust bin should be put beside each of steps, outside of the classroom, and some more along the corridors. Probably one dust bin should be in every ten meters. So when students want to throw away their litters, they can find the dust bins easily.
When school is equipped with sufficient dust bins, we do not have problems of filth and discomfort any more. Our school will be very clean and become a nice place to study. (Sumber: UNAS 2006)
29. What is the writer intention? To … readers to do something good.
A. inform B. explain C. describe
D. entertain E. persuade
30. According to the writer, more dust bins … in every ten meters.
A. should be decorated
B. should be painted
C. should be placed
D. are unnecessary
E. are not required
31. What is the writer’s argument on a sufficient number of dust bins?
A. They can prevent litters
B. They can save janitor’s energy
C. Students are asked to clean them
D. They make school environment neat
E. Students can throw garbage away easily
32. What is the writer’s suggestion?
A. To buy more dust bins
B. To hire more gardeners
C. To use dustbins efficiently
D. To ask parents to give more dustbins
E. To ask students to clean the school yard
Contoh teks Discussion:
There are a lot of discussion as to whether children should be given homework or not.
Some people claim that children to enough work in school already. They also argue that children have hobbies that they want to do after school, such as sports or music. A further point they make is that a lot of homework is pointless and doesn’t help the child learn at all.
However, there also strong argument against this point of view. Parents and teachers argue that it is important to find out whether children can work on their own without the support from the teacher. They say that the evening is a good time for children to sit down and think about what they have learned in school.
Furthermore they claim that the school day is too short to get anything done that needs doing and it makes sense to send home tasks like independent reading or further writing tasks that don’t need teacher’s support.
On balance, I think that some homework is a good idea but that it should only given at the weekend when children have more time. (Sumber: UNAS 2009)
33. How do we compare the second and the fourth paragraph?
A. Both paragraph argue that homework is necessary for students
B. Unlike the fourth paragraph, the second paragraph argues that homework is unnecessary
C. The second paragraph supports that students need homework, but the
fourth paragraph does not
D. The second paragraph and the fourth paragraph argue that students do
not need homework
E. The second and the fourth paragraph do not say anything about the
Benefit of homework
34. How many reasons are presented by those who are against homework?
A. 1 B. 2 C. 3
D. 4 E. 5
35. Those who are pro homework think that the students can … in the evening
A. prepare for the next lesson
B. review their lesson
C. enjoy their pastime
D. do their hobbies
E. test themselves
36. “A further point they make is that a lot of homework is pointless and doesn’t help the child learn at all.” (Paragraph 2)
The underlined word is synonymous with…
A. terrible B. careless C. difficult
D. unimportant E. uninteresting
37. What is the writer’s suggestion about homework?
A. Homework is pointless
B. Homework is badly needed
C. Homework should be given at weekend
D. Student should not be given any homework
E. Student must frequently have homework
Contoh teks Review:
2002 Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Federico and Sam are two lucky men, Federico survived an earthquake and has the power to wrench fortune from those around him: he has the gift; Sam is a survivor of the Jewish holocaust and manages a casino in the middle of lava desert. One day Federico challenges Sam, who expels him from paradise, taking his gift from him.
Years later, Federico thinks that he has found in Tomas, he only survivor of an air accident, the instrument of his vengeance. By teaching him to control fortune, he can use him to return to the casino and challenge the God of fortune. Together they begin a journey of initiation, a succession of ever more strange and difficult tests in which the highest bet is the luck of others; luck, which in this game is captured in a simple photograph. Everything goes well until Sara, a policewoman who survives a car accident which kills her family, becomes obsessed with discovering what is behind these clandestine games in which death and luck become enmeshed. In which only one can remain intact. This film is really worth watching. (Sumber: UNAS 2006)
38. The purpose of the text is …
A. to describe a film
B. to describe how a film is made
C. to inform readers about a good film
D. to entertain readers by telling a story
E. to review a fill for a public audience
39. After reading the review, how would you judge this film?
A. Bad B. Fair C. Not bad
D. Mediocre E. Excellent
40. What does the writer suggest to the audience?
A. The film is forgettable

B. They should watch the film
C. They should neglect the film
D. They should make another film
E. The writer should promote the film.

Apabila kamu masih kesulitan menangkap arti kata di dalam teks di atas,
Kami bantu dengan sangat mudah, coba KLIK DI SINI
Selanjutnya tinggal COPY kata yang ingin diketahui, dan PASTE-kan, Google akan menjawab
pertanyaanmu, ... mudah kan !
Setelah selesai mencermati jenis-jenis teks di atas, sekarang saatnya kamu mulai mencoba menjawab semua pertanyaan. Sekali lagi kamu bisa minta bantuan Google (KLIK DI SINI) untuk menemukan arti kata-kata yang kamu anggap sulit, tetapi saya sarankan, tetap JANGAN MENTERJEMAHKAN teks, agar kamu tidak tergantung pada KAMUS untuk bisa menjawab pertanyaan dengan benar.

Oke, sekarang saatnya kamu mencocokan jawaban-jawabanmu dengan Pembahasan yang disertai Kunci Jawabannya. KLIK DI SINI untuk melihat Pembahasan dan Kunci Jawaban.

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